The 50-fold power of
Green Tea

What makes tigovit so special?

The highly concentrated combination of active ingredients

Vitamin C 

tigovit contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C stabilizes the valuable components of green tea as soon as they are absorbed. This further improves the availability of these substances. In addition, Vitamin C is particularly easy on the stomach and effective in the immune system for up to 24 hours.

+ Protects the cells from oxidative stress

Green Tea

tigovit contains high-quality green tea extract with high levels of EGCG from the leaves of green tea. The essential health-promoting effects of green tea are attributed to EGCG.

+ Only natural EGCG* supplier


is the carrier of the hot pepper taste. It occurs naturally in black pepper and is known to significantly improve the absorption of other substances by stimulating digestive juices. In tradition, pepper has been used in Indian Chai tea for hundreds of years.

+ Improves the absorption of EGCG & Vitamin C

Tigovit EGCG

capsules contain high-quality green tea extracts with a particularly high amount of natural EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which typically only occurs in the young leaves of green tea. Contrary to conventional green tea extracts, tigovit significantly increases the bioavailability of the natural active ingredients of green tea.

Vorteile vom grünen Tee

Benefits of tigovit

Significantly higher content of EGCG

One capsule “tigovit” contains 170 mg pure EGCG – one of the most important active ingredients of green tea. Thus, the dose of EGCG contained in tigovit is significantly higher than in most green tea preparations available on the market.

With its improved and unique formula, “tigovit” makes it possible to consume the most valuable green tea with only one capsule (equivalent to four cups of green tea). Anytime and uncomplicated.

Best bioavailability through Bioperine

Another valuable building block in the composition of “tigovit” is Bioperine®, a high-quality natural extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum) with a very high proportion of piperine.
Various clinical studies have been successfully conducted with Bioperine® to show how Bioperine® has a positive effect on the bioavailability of different vital substances.

Sustainable – vegan – pollutant free

tigovit also contains vitamin C, which stabilizes the valuable components of green tea and further improves the availability of these substances. Vitamin C helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, reduces fatigue and supports normal psychic and nervous functions.
All ingredients of “tigovit” originate from controlled organic cultivation and are gently obtained without chemical waste products and tested by German laboratories.


ethics, philosophy & values

  • From controlled organic cultivation
    The green tea extract we use comes from controlled organic cultivation without pesticides.
  • Free from pesticides & heavy metals
    Each harvest is continuously tested by independent German laboratories for 800 different pesticide and heavy metal residues.
  • Gentle production of the extract
    The water infusion process extracts the ingredients from the leaves of the green tea plant Camellia sinensis in a particularly gentle way. The process does not leave any chemical residues and is carried out without food safety regulations.
  • High-quality extract
    Due to its exceptional quality, the extract contained in tigovit is used in many clinical studies for research purposes.
  • Kosher and Halal certified
    tigovit is also Kosher and Halal certified.
  • Free of flow substances
    tigovit does not contain any flow substances but only the valuable ingredients. The capsules are also of pure plant origin (HPMC capsules).

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  • Kundin Maria mit den tigovit Grüntee-Kapseln

    Tigovit by conviction

    "I use Tigovit because I trust nature, because good, tested quality is very important to me, because I know - my health is my responsibility and because I feel that it does me good. In other words - I take Tigovit out of conviction and out of love for myself." Mary

  • Kundin hält eine Packung tigovit-Kapseln in den Händen

    A definite recommendation

    We start the new week with a photo we got from Julia. She is a loyal customer and has been using the vegan green tea capsules for 3 years.

    Julia sent us her photo with a new package with the comment: "A clear recommendation for tigovit when it comes to the highest quality green tea extract for more well-being".

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    Send us a photo of you with tigovit, add a few sentences, how long you have been using the green tea capsules for your well-being and why you appreciate tigovit.

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    Show yourself here and on our website: Send us your photo and become part of the tigovit community with your testimonial!

  • Kundin Nadine gemeinsam mit tigovit Grüntee-Komplex

    Everything in harmony

    A new recommendation for our residue-free and vegan green tea capsules. This time customer Nadine emailed her photo and a few words with which she expresses her satisfaction and recommendation for tigovit: "I have been taking the product for over a year and will continue to do so. I feel vital and strengthened, and I am also convinced by the high quality of the ingredients, because no matter whether it's packaging, growing conditions or production: at tigovit everything is in harmony with nature. That is very important to me personally."

  • Katrin Penzkofer mit tigovit Grüntee-Kapseln

    Katrin Penzkofer

    "I started taking tigovit after the breastfeeding period of my second child and stayed with it. I don't feel so tired anymore and it gives me more energy to keep my household with two children and a company going. I take the capsules very well and for me it is the best quality product on the market with green tea."

  • Dany Madaus mit tigovit Kapseln

    Dany Madaus

    I have been taking the green tea capsules from tigovit for about four months now. My skepticism prevailed at first, but now I can say that the result convinced me. My physical well-being has improved overall, and I didn't have a cold in autumn like usual. tigovit convinced me as the premium product among the numerous green tea preparations.

    Dany Madaus
    Make-up Artist & Mindfulness Coach

  • Vegan-Bloggerin Anne Reis

    Anne Reis

    I think it's great that Tigovit is also suitable for vegans. The capsules passed my practical test - since then I have had Tigovit with my coffee every morning. With Tanja and her team, everything is very transparent - which is great. She herself faced my interview without hesitation. I feel more comfortable overall since I take the product regularly and I find that my skin has become finer.
    There is a clear recommendation from me.
    Anne Reis, - Rock 'n' Roll vegan

  • Nina, Yogalehrerin aus Köln macht Yoga-Pose mit tigovit

    Nina, Yoga teacher from Berlin

    "I fully recommend the vegan green tea capsules tigovit. I love green tea, but I don't manage to drink as much as EGCG in everyday life to make the most of the valuable active ingredients of green tea. But with a capsule of tigovit I can do that. Especially as a yoga teacher, I pay very close attention to what I eat and to the quality of the nutrients. tigovit simply does me good!"

  • Kathrin Wonesch, Group- und Personalfitness-Trainerin

    Kathrin Wonesch, Group and Personal Fitness Trainer

    As a group and personal fitness trainer, a healthy and balanced diet as well as meaningful support for my performance is very important to me. In my search for a green tea product, tigovit convinced me immediately. Thanks to tigovit I feel fit and more alert. I also have the impression that regular use of vitamin c improves my immune system as.

    Kathrin Wonesch,

  • Simone, überzeugt von tigovit Grüntee-Kapseln

    Simone, convinced by tigovit green tea capsules

    I have been taking tigovit daily for two years now, and my enthusiasm has not changed in this long time. For me it is the best green tea supplement capsules on the market, and I recommend it to others. It does not require any pesticides or genetic engineering. As an environmentally and health-conscious person, this is very important to me. tigovit convinces over its entire length!

  • Ana Maricic mit dem Vitamin D Komplex am Strand

    Ana Maricic – Power with the sun vitamin D

    I take tigovit green tea capsules combination with tigosol vitamin D complex - and I am thrilled. I feel comfortable in my skin, get the required dose of sun vitamin I need and push my immune system optimally. Furthermore, tigosol convinces me with the bacterial strain Bacillus subtillis (1 billion spores per lozenge!), a novelty to all other vitamin D products.

  • Silke Gabriel mit tigovit Kapseln

    Silke Gabriel – Power for the job thanks to tigovit green tea capsules

    I have been taking the tigovit capsules with green tea for 3 years, and my conclusion after this long time is: it’s the best green tea product on the market. I wouldn't have kept using tigovit iotherwise. As a wedding planner my calendar is full and often quick decisions are important. tigovit therefore is my quick daily greentea to go dosis..

  • Beauty-Blogger empfehlen tigosol Vitamin D-Komplex

    Beauty blogger recommends tigosol Vitamin D Complex

    tigosol is a power product consisting of 3 different active ingredients, the sun vitamin D, green tea and the special bacterium Bacillus subtilis. If you want to increase your vitamin dosage in grey rainy weather, you should start using tigosol. We are really impressed with this product and also very enthusiastic about the concept behind it. With the lozenges we get our daily dose of vitamin D and we are very happy with it. Especially during the dark season of the year.

green tea

Tigovital products and offers


Green tea extract,
Bioperine® & vitamin C

tigovit is a unique combination of natural substances to significantly improve the absorption of active ingredients (especially EGCG) from green tea.

The tigovit EGCG complex contains high-quality green tea extract with a particularly high proportion of EGCG from the leaves of green tea. The raw materials used for tigovit are subject to constant quality and residue controls and meet the highest requirements.

New in the composition of “tigovit” is Bioperine, a high-quality natural extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum) with a very high proportion of piperine. Various clinical studies have been carried out with Bioperine to show how well Bioperine affects the bioavailability of different vital substances.

tigovit also contains vitamin C, which stabilizes the valuable components of green tea as soon as they are absorbed. This further improves the availability of these substances. Vitamin C contributes to the following effects:

  1. Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  2. Reduces fatigue and sleepiness
  3. For a regular mental function
  4. For a regular function of the nervous system


74.9% green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine, capsule shell (hydropropylmethylcellulose, dye chlorophyll), ascorbic acid, piperine


3 times a day, 1 capsule with a glass of water; about half an hour before meals or 1.5 hours after meals

Nutritional information

Nutrition information per capsule and per daily dosage (3 capsules)

Ingredient Per capsule Per day
Vitamin C 20 mg
(25% RDA*)
60 mg
(75% RDA*)
Green tea polyphenols
amount of pure EGCG
280 mg
170 mg
840 mg
480 mg
Bioperine 4 mg 12 mg

*% RDA = percentage of the recommended daily consumption

Additional Information

tigovit capsules stand for high-quality raw materials free of hidden additives. Our green tea complex consists of standardized and highly concentrated extracts of the highest quality, which are subject to constant residue analyses.

1 capsule contains 170 mg EGCG, which corresponds to approx. 4 cups of green tea. The recommended daily dose of 3 capsules of tigovit contains 480 mg EGCG, which corresponds to approximately 12 cups of green tea.

Studies have shown that the bioavailability of EGCG can be significantly increased by taking omega 3 oil. In addition, we recommend norsan products.

Please note that tigovit or individual ingredients of tigovit do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

We are also happy to answer further questions by e-Mail.