Free of pesticides & naturally pure: The growing region of tigovit

29. October 2020
Chinese farmers cultivating green tea.

An old Chinese saying is “Famous mountains produce famous tea”. The region of the Yellow Mountains in the remote and untouched province of Anhui in China is famous for the cultivation of the highest quality green tea and provides the plant from which the extract for the tigovit capsules is extracted.

China’s best harvest of green tea for tigovit and tigosol

Every year, Tanja Hohenester, founder of tigovit, visits the tea plantation in China from which the extract for her green tea products originates. “I am very happy to be able to see for myself how naturally the green tea plants for tigovit are grown and how carefully the plants are picked by hand.

The people who work there see it as their mission to cultivate green tea in the most natural quality, without chemicals, without genetic engineering and without any harmful substances. Such purity in organic quality is rare and I am proud to be able to secure this harvest for the tigovit capsules every year”.

Organic green tea: quality without pesticides or genetic engineering

For over 20 years, green tea has been grown on this certified organic tea plantation in the province of Anhui. This guarantees the purity of the soil, which has not been exposed to pollutants and pesticides for several decades, and on which the plants can grow without exhaust fumes or pollution.

The cultivation area is located not far from the famous Yellow Mountains, a beautiful mountain region in China. Due to the excellent climatic and environmental conditions, green tea plants from this mountainous region are attributed more catechin polyphenols than those from other growing areas.

About 5 hours away from Shanghai, high up in the mountains, lies the growing region for the pure EGCG from tigovit, which grows on one of the few certified organic green tea plantations worldwide. China’s Yellow Mountains are famous for their breathtaking beauty and were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. Due to the excellent growing conditions in the high mountain climate, green tea plants from this mountain region are attributed more catechin polyphenols than from other growing areas in China.

Anhui’s outstanding growing area provides the basis for the natural purity of tigovit. No pesticides are used on the fields where the green plants grow. Cultivation takes place purely according to biological standards and without the use of genetic engineering. Furthermore, the tea fields are situated high and secluded, so that the plants are not contaminated by exhaust fumes or similar.

Teafield in the Anhui region in China.

Numerous residue analyses, which are performed for tigovit independently by the manufacturer in Germany, confirm the high and pure quality, which tigovit emphasizes as a naturally pure and pollutant-free premium product among the green tea preparations.

The best green tea quality at a glance

• This extract is derived from the young leaves of green tea plants.
• It is organically grown and deliberately cultivated by the tea plantation owner Mister Chang without the use of pesticides.
• Due to this organic farming method, the green tea extracts are naturally pure, free of pesticides and heavy metals.
• Each batch of green tea extracts is tested for 800 different pesticide and heavy metal residues by independent German laboratories before being processed into the tigovit capsules or tigosol lozenges.
• Processing will only take place once the purity of the green tea delivery from China has been confirmed.
• The ingredients from the leaves of the green tea plant Camellia sinensis are particularly gently extracted with pure water. The process leaves no chemical residues whatsoever and is conducted without the use of illegal solvents or chloroform in strict compliance with the FDA food control regulations!

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tigovit green tea capsules

tigovit ensures the highest bioavailability of green tea thanks to the triple formula of EGCG, EsterC & Bioperine. The recommended daily dose of 3 capsules of tigovit contains 480 mg EGCG, the equivalent of approximately 12 cups of green tea. tigovit offers an easy way to take green tea with its valuable ingredients in the highest quality.

tigosol Vitamin D Complex with the Bacillus subtilis

The newly developed tigosol Vitamin D Complex is a triple combination consisting of the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, Vitamin D3 1,000 I.U. and 30 mg of the green tea extract epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) per pastille. A package lasts for about one month following the recommended intake of one lozenge per day.

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