7 Reasons why your supplements are not working!

19. March 2021

Why is your supplement not working? While many people benefit greatly from taking capsules, powders, or drops, sometimes others get no results at all. They take medication for weeks and months and see no improvement in their condition. There can be many reasons for this. Because in order for the dietary supplements to be optimally absorbed by the body, a number of factors must be taken into account. Which are they? We’ll give you 7 reasons why your dietary supplement just didn’t work and how you can change that.

Reason # 1: You are not eating a healthy diet!

Hand on heart! How fast can a capsule with natural ingredients work if the foundation is not good? Although the body has been neglected for years, it is now said that dietary supplements are a quick way to look good and maintain stable health . In many cases it doesn’t work.

Please note: The sooner you follow a good, balanced and high-fiber diet (ideally in organic quality), the better the basis from which food supplements can be used. If you want the best results, you need to eat really well. Drink enough to balance the body’s water balance. Fast or do individual juice days to detoxify the body. Have you also thought of an intestinal rehabilitation? Many of the active ingredients are converted in the intestine, which can only fulfill its function when it is well.

Conclusion: lay the foundation stone with good nutrition, sufficient fluids and a healthy bowel!

Reason No. 2: You are taking the nutritional supplement incorrectly and irregularly!

It all depends on the dosage! Many fans of dietary supplements want to do something good for themselves and order the products online or in pharmacies. At home they study the recommendation for intake and after the initial euphoria, the dietary supplements are a little forgotten. But especially with these applies: Stay tuned!

Many people take insufficient doses of vitamin D supplements. While some people can manage to increase their vitamin D levels just by sunbathing, many others need vitamin D supplements. And when this is the case, higher doses are usually required than the dosage recommended on the package.

Our tip: have the values checked for you by your trusted doctor. On the basis of these results, he can determine the optimal supplementation – in this case with vitamin D – for you and thus bring your values safely into a healthy range.

Speaking of vitamin D: The tigosol vitamin D pastilles are ideal in their form as soft gums, as they are absorbed through the oral mucosa faster than capsules. And especially in winter, the “sun vitamin” is important for a normally functioning immune system.

Of course, you also have to be careful, because overdosing with certain nutrients and herbs is always possible. Some nutrients are relatively safe even at higher doses, including magnesium, chromium, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. In principle, however, it also makes sense here to discuss the intake with a doctor before taking high doses of a nutrient or herbal remedy.

Conclusion: Note the indicated dosage. Ideally, get a medical report!



Reason # 3: Regular Consumption Makes a Big Difference!

Nutrients such as vitamins or phytochemicals must be taken in the recommended dose over a certain period of time in order to have any chance of an effect. Once these are forgotten or consumed in insufficient quantities, it can take some time before a satisfactory change in well-being occurs.

The truth is, for some people it may not be a big deal to skip a dose of a supplement every now and then. For others, it can stop the process that has started and make a difference in their progress. Don’t risk anything! Better to play it safe and take the supplements as recommended.

Bottom line: don’t forget to take them regularly! Stay tuned!

Reason # 4: You are not taking the supplements correctl

Did you know that many supplements work best on an empty stomach? This is because the active ingredients can be processed better if they are consumed individually and not mixed with a meal. Other substances, on the other hand, should be taken explicitly with meals. So it’s important to figure out how you can help yourself so that the supportive supplements can get where they can do the most.

Conclusion: With every dietary supplement, pay attention to whether it has to be taken before or after a meal!

Reason # 5: You haven’t taken the supplement long enough.

In our hectic world, things should and often have to be quick. But when it comes to physical processes, it just takes time to see results. Some people have unrealistic expectations because it is often suggested that positive changes in their symptoms should be felt within a short period of time. Of course, one or the other can quickly feel better after taking supplements. It should usually take a few weeks for symptomatic improvement.

What about when you take nutritional supplements to address a nutritional deficiency? Even in this situation, it may take some time before you notice any improvement in your symptoms. One reason some people have unrealistic expectations is because we derive those expectations from other people’s outcomes. You might see someone taking the same supplement and noticing an improvement almost immediately. You have been waiting for a positive change for a few weeks.

It is entirely possible that dietary supplements may not be effective in individual cases. But we must not forget that every body reacts individually and every biochemically different.

Conclusion: be patient! Nutrients need a certain amount of time to work.

Reason # 6: The dietary supplement interacts with other nutrients or drugs.

Some medications can interact with the supplements you are taking, and sometimes there is an interaction. The result: the dietary supplement cannot be used optimally and your efforts are unsuccessful.

Important to know: Dietary supplements can also influence your medication intake. If you take medication regularly, you should consult your doctor before taking food supplements.

Here you will find an overview of possible interactions between nutrients and drugs: Overview of possible interactions between drugs and nutrients.pdf

Reason # 7: You are taking counterfeit supplements!

The best is just good enough for you! So our advice: When buying your dietary supplements, make sure that the retailer is trustworthy. Large sales platforms like Amazon and Ebay certainly offer high quality products. But it is better to look twice because fraudulent labeling and substandard goods can always happen. And poor quality nutrients can cause you to have no effect.

So make sure you are buying from a retailer that is transparent and trustworthy. Compare reviews and choose only the best possible quality for yourself.

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Conclusion: Be on the safe side: only buy the best quality!

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