About tigovit

More catechins with tigovit

For more than 4,000 people consume green tea, but modern science only started a few years ago to uncover,
how diverse the ingredients of green tea can be used.

In Asia, millions of people drink green tea daily. Consuming green tea as a beverage,
the human body only absorbs a litte amount of catechins such as EGCG.
From 300mg EGCG in a tea infusion, only a small fraction smaller than 1mg is absorbed.

So just drinking green tea is not enough.

tigovit is the first product which offers the possibility to consume green tea with other natural substances which
protect the valuable ingredients of green tea and make them available for the human body.

tigovit - more than only green tea extract

tigovit is a combination of several natural products for up to 50-fold improved absorption of EGCG by the human body.
As a result, EGCG is significantly bioavailable for the first time. tigovit consists of raw materials of the highest quality.
Production and quality control takes place in Germany.
tigovit is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, contains no preservatives and is free of gelatin.

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The history of green tea

For more than 4,000 years, green tea is consumed and is generally known as a source of inspiration and joy. Shen Nong Shi,
father of traditional Chinese medicine, discovered green tea by an old legend. He found a sweet yet bitter flavor that he knew from no other plant. So he who was experienced, found out about the features which are common known for for tea today;
the sweetness that the nourishes the body, and the bitter substances that have a cleansing effect.